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- We reduce the cost of advertising campaigns and the cost of programs producing, as product placement will be taking place in higher acceptance programs.

- Easy bridging Influencers with Advertising campaigns through the sophisticated and automated CRM system we have developed that will easily and immediately serve the two parties.

- Production companies to maximize their capabilities will have the opportunity to work with our company to get specific instructions that they will have to comply with.

- With the new method, sponsorships will not have to be pre-agreed on programs they will not know before their success, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.

- It will be possible to better design the advertising campaigns that will now target the target audience within the program itself that the target audience monitors as advertised products and logos with the new method will be incorporated into the original content afterwards.

- Product placement will cost far less than the production of real advertising message. The production of such a message requires the assistance of many different actors (directors, copywriters, operas, technicians & others.

TV campaigns

Each time a TV media program is broadcasted, it can dynamically incorporate new product placements or products of the same client as a part of a broader marketing campaign.

Social media campaigns

Current state of advertisement expenditures shows that as of 2018 global the web and mobile platforms with a total of $237B US and will surpass the total TV spending of $183B US. (source https://magnaglobal.com/magna-advertising-forecasts-winter-2018-update/)

Countering the threats of TV zapping ads and web ad-blockers

Advertisements in TV programs are easy to be avoided by the viewers simply by zapping. This is also true to web ads with the use of ad-blockers browsing add-ons. Internationally, the loss of publisher revenue from ad blocking rose to $42 billion -- up from $28 billion in 2016. At the time, the worldwide display market was valued at $84 billion. The report also analyzes the impact of ad-blocking on the e-commerce industry, revealing that more than $600 billion -- in a market worth $2 billion -- is generated globally by users with ad blockers installed. Our method is mending those advertisement deficiencies by implementing the harmonically the advertisements inside the content. (source https://www.emarketer.com/content/demanding-a-better-ad-experience)