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Colorization is a very important part of video and film production. In fact, colorization is a process that adds any plausible color to any black and white photograph or video. This process requires converting a real-valued luminance image to a three-dimensional color-valued one, which has no unique solution. Also, the term colorization could be used in the case of a virtual project placement by adding and adjusting any object’s color properly in photographs or videos in order to make it more attractive to the consumer’s eye.

Adwork’s film editors could offer professional work by optimizing any image’s color adjustment according to the environment that is being projected. For maximum visibility and success, it is critical for brands to employ influencers who correspond to their target audience, disclose who sponsors posts, add animations or effects, and correctly color match all of the campaign-related assets. By utilizing these tips, you can unlock the full potential of virtual product placement and see impressive results with your next ad campaign.

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